What If Ned Stark Was Alive – The Most Painful Thing of GOT Never Happened ?


Lords Stark

Ned Stark’s death became the catalyst for all the incidents happening in Game of Thrones. Even after all these years Ned Stark’s character still portrays a very important reason why things turned out the way they are; the reason why Robb was killed, why Sansa got married to Ramsay and why Cersei became the queen of the seven kingdoms. Here I present you with my version of how the series would have turned out if Ned was alive.

  • The Starks Would Have Never Left Winterfell

We all know that the incident that triggered all the events started when Ned accepted Robert Baratheon’s invitation to be the Hand of the King. If he had said no, then the whole family would have been at Winterfell except for Jon Snow, of course, who would have gone up to the wall to become a man of the Night’s watch.

Lord Stark 2

Ned would have ruled Winterfell as the warden of the North. Bran would not have become a cripple as he would not have climbed the tower to watch Ned leave. Arya would have been under the care of her mother and groomed into a fine woman, without her willing to be so. Sansa on the other hand, would have been the stupid girl as she was in season 1, having a crush over Joffrey.  The Red Wedding would not have happened at all or even if it did, it would have been one happy occasion.

  • The Side Across Westeros

Everything from the North to the South at King’s Landing would have been a total different story in the land of Westeros. But not much would have changed across the Narrow sea. Daenerys would not have been as much successful as she is now. Even with her Dragons she faced a lot of trouble with the sons of the Harpy and the Masters of the cities. It was only after Tyrion escaped his father’s punishment and went over to Meereen did he solve the problems which Daenerys faced one by one.

  • Robb Wouldn’t Have Rebelled Against The Lannisters

It was only the capture of Ned and that of his sisters which made Robb rebel against the crown. These happened after Robb was declared the King of the North. This lead to declare a rebellion against the throne.

Robb stark

During this war, he was promised to one of Walder Frey’s daughters by his mother in order to cross the twin bridges. During a circumstance, Robb was forced to send Theon over to his father to ask for aid. This ultimately made him betray his friend and capture Winterfell. If Thoen had not taken over Winterfell and made it weak in defense, the Boltons would not have captured Winterfell. After the Battle of Oxcross, robb meets Talisa a local nurse on the aftermath of the battle. That was when he fell in love with her and eventually married her. This act of Robb’s was what made Walder Frey angry which paved a way for the red wedding. Basically, it was Ned’s death that created a huge impact on the series, especially in Robb and Lady Catelyn’s death.

  • The Entire Scenario

Ned being alive would have changed the power balance in all the wars significantly. There wouldn’t be a Lannister force stomping around the Riverlands. This would have made the situation much better in Kings Landing.

Lord Stark 3

Tywin would have been setting things up to combat Renly and Stannis. For certain, he would have sat back and allowed the two of them to fight, but he might also have looked to bring the Reach into his fold. Since Joffrey would still be engaged to Sansa, essentially a guarantee that the Starks would cooperate, the only alliance he could offer was Cersei or Tommen. Tywin would not have had a deal with Dorne.

Most importantly Bran, Arya, Robb and Rickon would have been at home for certain. Up North, Jon finds out that he is royalty. Eddard may even wait until he says his oath to tell him. The great raging might still happen, but it would be less desperate. Mance still goes through with his attack, and the Wildlings eventually come south of the Wall. If there was any rebellion, it would have been Eddard who will be killed, so Jon is never made Lord Commander.

Jon Snow

GRM spoiled much of the story for me, killing this one character with whom there could have been a lot of changes and better things to expect. Arya would have never become blind and become an assassin nor would Bran discover the three-eyed Raven. Things would have been a lot different and a lot more like the other boring TV series, but this; this is Game of Thrones and it has got its own way of storyline. It’s not a story where the lead character goes out with the woman he loves and friend and finally all three make it out at the end creating a typical happy ending. This is Game of Thrones: A song of Ice and Fire.

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