Game of Thrones – Trailer 2 Breakdown (Frame by Frame)

Jon Snow Fighting the White Walkers

Finally, we got the Game of Thrones – Trailer 2 and it is totally cool. So here we get to have a few ideas / breakdown of the trailer and the possibilities out of the trailer.

  1. So as we speak about that, let us look into one of the character whose arrival is most awaited by Westros, Daenerys Targaryen. We can see in the trailer that Dany goes to Dragon Stone, her ancestral place.
  2. Dragon stone was previously ruled by Stannis Baratheon. It was gifted to him by his brother Robert Baratheon after he defeated Rhaegar Targaryen and took over the seven kingdoms. We can see Daenerys pulling down Stannis’ banner in the castle.
  3. Dragon stone is nothing like we thought it was. It looks like it is taken straight out of a Dracula movie and made much more ferocious with all the statues of dragons and hundreds of them.
  4. It also known from the books that Dragon stone has a lot of Dragon glass which can come handy when the battle with the White walkers starts. Dany taking down the Baratheon banner symbolizes the beginning of the Tragaryen rule.
  5. We can see her sitting in the back of a huge Drogon, the size of a Boeing plane just like her ancestor Aegon, the conqueror giving us a hint that she is going to be raging a war against Cersei, also possibly with Euron Greyjoy.
  6. Drogon looks a lot like Balerion the Black Dread which belonged to Aegon. We have known Daenerys to have always wanted to take back what is rightfully hers. The trailer also shows her looking at a war map and one where she sits behind Drogon. It is possible that she would wage a war against Cersei.
  7. We can also see Cersei in King’s Landing where in the first trailer she talks about her enemies who have surrounded her on all sides. She mentions the enemy on the East which is where Daenerys is coming from. So this could also mean that there is a battle that is coming.
  8. We can see that the two Greyjoys are in their ships when a blaze of fire can be seen reflecting from their faces meaning that they are attacked while on their ships by Euron Greyjoy. This can be because Euron is the one who ordered that every person in the Iron islands should help in building as many ships as possible.
  9. Cersei could have realized that Dany and her dragons cannot be taken lightly and are a greater threat than anything else, for if she could take on three dragons and an army of eight thousand unsullied, she could take on anything.
  10. It is known in the books that dragons can be killed by using scorpion bolts, arrows or by trapping them by chaining them just the way they were in the House of the Undying. But there is also a possibility that they could be mind controlled by someone like Bran Stark.
  11. We still do not know if Bran will be able to take in on a huge beast like a dragon. Besides it would be quite some time before Bran meets Daenerys and her dragons. Even the night king is possible of Warging. That would turn everything upside down, with the white walkers having the dragons.
  12. So we can say that even though Dany’s dragons are powerful and can wreck havoc to anyone who harms their mother, can be turned against her.
  13. We get to see Dany on the back of Drogon along with the Dothraki probably fighting against the Lannisters army. Tyrion would know a lot about the army in Westros as he has led them on the field during the Battle of the Blackwater. Hence, it would be sheer slaughter for the Lannisters.Dany on the back of Drogon
  14. We also know that Euron Greyjoy has joined hands with the Lannisters (rumored around). So there is a possibility that the Lannisters might do something like using wildfire again. It is also known that wildfire can kill Dragons also. So maybe, just maybe there is a chance of one of Dany’s dragons dying on the field, could be Rhaegal or Viserion.
  15. We can also see in the trailer that Jaime and Bronn are also present. Things could get a bit hot with Dragon fire. Since Jaime is on the battle field, Cersei would restrain from using wildfire. It is clear that Daenerys is following in the footsteps of her ancestor, Aegon Targaryen by capturing the seven Kingdoms with 3 dragons.
  16. Just like Aegon’s conquest in which the battle field was called Field of Fire where his three dragons roasted thousands of men alive in their fire. So these Lannisters will be burned.Lannisters burnt alive in the battle
  17. We can also see an angry Jaime who is marching forward in his horse. But who is he marching towards in the burning field? Certainly not Dany and her Dragons. Jaime knows better than that!! He also believes in the phropecy that he cannot die as long as Cersei lives.Jamie looks to battle the unsullied or the Dothrakis
  18. Since they are twins, they are born together and Jaime knows that as long as Cersei lives he would not die. As the twins born together would die together.
  19. We also see Greyworm with Missandei having a moment, probably before the war between the Lannisters and the unsullied. It is most probably that Dany’s armies are attacking the castle at Casterly rock. It is also seen that the unsullied seem to be opening the gate to their other men, maybe they got in using some kind of war tactics.Greyworm and Missandei having a moment
  20. With Tyrion as the Hand of the Queen and with Casterly rock being his home, he knows more about it than the soldiers guarding the fort. So he probably let the unsullied army know the secret passages inside the castle.Tyrion - the hand of the queen
  21. When Tyrion was sixteen years old his father, Tywin, put him in charge of the Drains and cisterns in Casterly rock. So maybe Tyrion told the exact way to the holes in the castle’s drain pipes so that Greyworm along with a few of the unsullied sneaked into the castle and let the men inside.Unsullied army attacking Casterly Rock
  22. Cersei would be terrible angry if Casterly rock is breached as it was one of the strongest fort of the Lannisters. We can also see Jaime walking on some unfamiliar castle’s terrace where there is a dead guy on the floor. It is possible that it is High garden.
  23. Maybe Cersei told Jaime to capture High garden since the Sand snakes and Olenna Tyrell are plotting against her by joining with the arriving enemy (Denerys). Cersei would have been frustrated and High garden is the only one without any proper protection with its heirs being dead.
  24. But we don’t see the Sand snakes or Olenna Tyrell in the trailer. But we do get to have a glimpse of what we’ve been waiting for, our Arya Stark returning North. There would probably be a reunion with her brother and her sister. Jon would be pleased at the way she has taken care of herself with the sword he gave her.Arya Stark in Northener's dress
  25. Jon and Sansa have not seen Arya since season 1 when Maise Williams was a cute little girl. Jon and Arya are very close with each other. She was the closest one to Jon than all her family. So it would be a lot more emotional than the one we had with Sansa.
  26. While we are in the North there is also an intruder amongst out Starks. Littlefinger seems to have this wicked grin on his face. He is probably changing Sansa’s mind against her brother. We have always seen that Sansa is easily lead into temptation by Littlefinger, but that was before Ramsay happened to her. We do not know how she might respond to him now.Littlefinger and his plans for the throne
  27. Lilltefinger gets to give the back voice in the trailer about fighting every battle, everywhere in your mind. Probably Sansa is confused in what Littlefinger says and what is the right thing to do.Sansa looks to be stronger in the season 7 trailer
  28. Littlefinger considers himself to be very clever and he wants to phase out Sansa from her family. But we can hear Sansa’s voice in the background saying, “When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.The wolf pack
  29. This is what Ned Stark tells Arya in season 1 at King’s Landing. It is mostly about soliditary and sticking together to survive. So Sansa does not listen to Littlefinger.
  30. Some promo shots show Arya wearing the Valyrian steel dagger that belongs to Littlefinger which he used to betray Ned. So Sansa might plan together with Arya and kill Littlefinger with the same dagger he used to get their father killed.
  31. So going further North, we see the gate in the Wall being raised to let someone inside. We can see a miniature size of Meera pulling Bran. So he too arrives at Winterfell. He is seen sitting in a wheel chair at Godswood. He is seen together with some old man. I personally think it is the ghost of the three eyed raven.Bran and Meera entering the Wall
  32. Above all, since Bran’s home and all the remaining Starks are together, does Bran reveal to Jon what he saw in his vision? If he does, everyone will know that Jon’s mom is Lyanna Stark, but the question would be who is his dad?
  33. Also at the Wall is Brienne and Podrick. We see Jon venturing into the snow, probably north of the Wall with a team that includes Tormund, the Hound and Beric Dondarrion (it is clear that Lady Stoneheart does not appear in the TV series) wielding a flaming sword.Brienne and Podrick at the wall
  34. I wonder how they all (Jon & team) got to get together. Maybe they will to fight each other’s enemies brought them together. But this is a cool team. They are probably off to fight the white walkers.The night king
  35. Many of us know about the legend long ago when the white walkers came, the people rallied against them along with the Giants and the children of the forests and raised the Wall using some magic that does not let the walkers cross it.
  36. Rhaegar Targaryen thought that he was the prince that was promised, but as he got married to Elia Martell he understood that it would be his son. But the promised prince would be the third son. And the third born son was Jon Snow.Jon snow looks to be in bad shape after the battle
  37. The legends have it that the ‘prince that was promised’ would return peaces to the land from the terror ruling it. Just before the war of the five kings, disturbing reports came to the Night’s watch about the white walkers. But the rest of the seven kingdoms turned a blind eye on it believing that the white walkers do not exist.
  38. It is said that the hero set out to take on the white walkers with a sword, a dog (Ghost in Jon’s case) and a dozen companion. In the story of the last hero, he is caught by the white walkers but is luckily saved by the children of the forest.
  39. Here, Jon would be saved by Bran’s magic. We already know he possesses the power to control, it is also possible that he can do much more than that. He can probably fight with the white walker and save Jon.
  40. Next upon the sky we see ravens flying across the sky, particularly with white eyes and we see Bran warging someone. Probably the birds. It is possible that he is controlling the ravens to attack the white walkers maybe in a bid to save Jon.The ravens could become handy with Bran's power in controlling them
  41. This statement is maybe what the three eyed raven meant, “You will never walk again, but you will fly”. Bran lost his ability to walk which is a pity as he wanted to be a Kinght when he was a child and wanted to ride horses and be able to shoot arrows.
  42. But there is also a connection between Bran and the night king. The king left a mark on Bran’s hand when he touched him during one of Bran’s dream. It probably gets to be solved this season. It suggests a connection between them, like the night king knew what Bran would do to him.
  43. There might be some psychic battles between these two. Maybe Bran was the reason how the white walkers came to enter into the Seven kingdoms, there is also the theory of the Wall falling down.
  44. So we can see a lot of stuff happening in the North and in the South. There is one more interesting factor to consider. We have a glimpse of what looks like the Hound at King’s Landing. We know the Mountain is also there. Probably the Mountain and the Hound have a fight and the Mountain gets killed (that should solve most of the problems with Cersei)Sandor as seen in the battle
  45. Sandor and Gregor are brothers and when they were a child Sandor gave Gregor a burn which disfigured half of his face. They’ve hated each other ever since. So the Hound gets back at his brother for what he did to his face. They’ve both been brought back to life in the show.
  46. We also know Samwell Tarly who went to the Citadel to learn to become a Maester along with Gilly and little Sam. It is possible that he might play a great role in the season even though he was not showcased in the trailer.
  47. It is possible that Sam finds a book that revealed dome sort of secret as to how to defeat the white walkers which he might use to help Jon Snow. Or he might uncover that Jon Snow is the Prince that was promised from the signs he reads in those books.
  48. There is one more character who is least remembered, Gendry. The boy who we last saw rowing a boat which Ser Davos gave to him to escape the fate our dear and beautiful Melissandre had planned for him.
  49. It is said that long ago it was Bran the builder who built the Wall that stopped the white walkers. Is our Bran Stark the same Bran? It is difficult to say since Bran cannot walk.
  50. Finally theres this speculation about one important person, excuse me! Dog. Nymeria might reunite with Arya. It is said in the books that Nymeria now leads a pack of her own wolves.

There is also one more theory among fans, that there lives inside the Wall a dragon so massively big, that breathes ice instead of fire. If it is indeed ice, does the white walkers control it? It is said that many years ago Westros did have Ice dragons too. Probably they became extinct. Who’s to tell?

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