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Ned Stark - Game of Thrones

Reality TV Channel is a website exclusively for those of you who want to know about the “What ifs” in the TV series. This site is also one for the spoilers. Currently, we are starting up with Game of Thrones and it is a definite place for those of you who would like to know about how Game of Thrones would have turned out otherwise. You can now revel in the fantasies of your favorite show.

This would let you indulge in the context and the content of everything Game of Thrones could have been; a happy ending, weddings are usually a happy occasion, children do not get killed and whatever is dead will stay dead!! You can access any of these contents and read to indulge in how you expect the show to go. But this can also be a site to avoid if you do not want your imagination to spoil the suspense expected of in the live series.

Now as you go into this site, it will provide you with various aspects of how you can visualize the program going. This is also to empower your knowledge about the world’s favorite series. This site will let you access into the archives of the mind of the great George R R Martin. What he intended to propose or create. A whole world of Westeros is laid here for you to get to know about. In creating this fan fiction GRRM also killed all his main characters in the show.

There are many scenarios where what if something different would have happened. This site also portrays you with pictures and videos to understand the content better. In an attempt to create something this much of a spoiler, we have ultimately done a search for many texts from the books of the Game of Thrones. This site expresses over to you what a Game of Thrones could have been, viewed in the perspective of a common man. You are free to treat yourself with the story and let your imagination flow. If you like the content that you read here, feel to give it a share on social media and you can support us by liking our Facebook fan page!

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